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Universal Service Adapter (USA2.2) - is used for:
1) Calibration of fuel level sensors of all types (with RS232, RS485, analog and frequency interfaces);

2) Configuration of mediation devices and signal summators.

3) Configuration of galvanic isolation modules;

4) Configuration of indicator counter;

The Adapter can be used with the DUTConfig software for measurement of current frequency (from frequency output sensor) and voltage (from analog output sensor) so it can be used as multimeter;
The Adapter can be used for power supply and calibration of other devices (via MODBUS) which need direct current up to 100mA, 12V.
The Adapter has built-in galvanic isolation.





Signal summator (S-SUM) - used to connect up to four frequency Strela  sensors to one frequency, analog or RS232 input of GPS-device.

Is used in cases, when it is needed to install sensors in two or more tanks of a vehicle or if the tank is of a big volume and it is necessary to install two or more sensors in one tank, but the GPS-device don't have inputs for connection of more as one sensor.
Signal summator reads signals from 1-4 frequency output sensors, recalculates the level of fuel in each tank in to volume (using the calibration tables for each sensor, which are set into summator), summarizes the results and generates a signal as a percentage of the total volume of fuel in the tank.
Signal summator has 4 frequently inputs (500-1500Hz) and output can be one of folowing types: analog (0-5, 0-7, 0- 10V), frequency (500-1500Hz) or RS232 depending on model of Signal summator (A, F or RS232).





Mediation device (US-DUT) is used for connection of Strela level sensor not only to GPS- device, but also  to the vehicle instrument panel gauge (level indicator and reserve fuel lamp). Can work with sensors Strela with analog and frequency outputs.








Galvanic isolation module (GIM) - is used for isolation of power sypply from Strela sensors (with frequency, RS232 and RS485 interface) for up to 1500V. Used to connect the fuel level sensors Strela and GPS-devices.
1. Full galvanic isolation of the "ground" and of the output signal of sensor.
2. Protection from voltage surges on the feed circuit.