Our production is developed and used as a solution for the control of level, consumption and rest of fuel in the tanks

of vehicles, tractors, road-building and construction machines, diesel generators, as well as to control the volume of

fuel in the cisternas and other stationary tanks. 

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Fuel volume sensors (gauges)  "Strela" are supplied by our company in more than 20 countries around of world.

Usage of "Strela" fuel volume (level) sensors allow users to receive relevant information about the movement

and balance of fuel by their own fleet or by fleet of their client.

The main applications of sensors - usage them as an option for the satellite tracking systems (GPS AVL systems)

for vehicles.

 There are different types of interfaces of "Strela" sensors: voltage 0-5V, 0-7V or 0-10V output, frequency output of

500-1500 Hz., interface RS232 or RS485 with data communication protocol "omnikomm" and  MODBUS. That allows use

our sensors as an option for any GPS equipment. The client gets the possibility apart the standard reports also receive

real-time data about the fuel rests, fuel consumption, fillings and drainings of fuel on all their cars.
Additional equipment of "Strela" volume sensors allows  connect to the system one or two or more fuel level sensors,

to summarize sensor readings, to make setup and calibration.